Water Marbling Tutorial!

Right so a couple of months ago I tried marbling my nails a few times and it was rubbish, and I decided to just give up. But today I had painted my nails white and just thought “WHY NOT?!”. It worked out pretty well, although I think it takes some getting used to, be warned though, it’s very, very, VERY messy! One major advantage is your you don’t have to worry about your right hand looking rubbish because it doesn’t require steady hand!

What you will need:

A white nail varnish

Two colours for your marble - I chose neon pink and yellow

A throwaway tub - a good excuse to eat takeway!!

A bent open kirby grip - or an orange stick if you have some

Some Vaseline

Cotton Buds

Nail Varnish Remover

A clear Base/Topcoat

Right! So first things first - prepare your nails by painting your nails white after your clear base coat. Next, make sure you’re somewhere that it won’t matter if you get a little messy, or put newspaper down, and fill your tub with some lukewarm water, I chose lukewarm because I thought if it was too hot or cold the varnish wouldn’t spread as well but I don’t really know what the best option is to be perfectly honest. If you’re using a takeaway tub you can use the lid to put all your rubbish on too, so helpful! Right, once you’re all prepared then spread some Vaseline right round all your fingers, making very sure to not get any on the nail. This will make getting the polish off a milllllion times easier!

Now comes the hard but very fun bit, dropping the polish in! You need to do it really fast (I had to get my boyfriend to take these pictures) or the polish sort of hardens on the surface, so don’t waste time unscrewing polishes, just leave them balancing on top of the bottles!! I just sort of tapped the top of the lid and made sure they fell on top of each other - I did it four times pink/yellow/pink/yellow.

Then quickly get your opened out kirby grip, dip it into the polishes and swiiiiirl them about till you get a nice marbled effect.

Next, quickly scout out the area you like the look of the most. I found that I preferred the lighter colours in the less concentrated areas but it all depends what look you’re after! I would strongly advise not choosing an area with thick bits of polish because you will end up with a nice mushy nail that will take forever to dry, talking from experience here!!). Now just slowly dip your nail in…and leave it there for a second! Make sure not to touch the bottom of the tub or you will smudge it all :( again, from experience!

Now, get the other end of your trusty kirby and use it to collect the film of varnish from the top of the water. I just kind of spun it around a bit! Told you it was messy!

Now remove that beautiful marbled nail out of the water and marvel at your glorious creation…hahahaha! I know, it looks rubbish, but stick with me here.

Right so remember that Vaseline? Just get a cotton bud and rub it all off, it’ll take most of the nail varnish with it, then just dip the other end of your bud into some nail varnish remover and you’ll have a lovely clean canvas for your (finally) beautifully marbled digit. I always find the easiest thing to do is pour some nail varnish remover into it’s lid and dip your buds from there, I can’t be the only person who’s lost many cotton buds into the bottle trying to soak some up?

So now just continue with the rest of your nails and once you’re finished just whack on a nice clear top coat and you’re done! AMAZING EH?!

Well…they look ok! I’m going to clean them up a bit and take a photo later, but try them out!

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